Wednesday, September 30, 2009

oh yeah....

When we were running during that most recent 6 mile run, we got 'babied' or 'strollered' as MFTLP said in her comment. Yeah - it was a shining moment in our run.

I HATE getting passed. I'm already slow and I know it. When somebody passes me, it feels like they're saying "nyah, nyah, nyah, you slow-ass m_ther-f_cker, get out of my way". Yes, yes, I know, these people passing me probably don't even know that I exist and even if they do know that I exist they are not saying anything to me. But, those are the voices I hear. (You try to silence them 'cause I haven't had any success silencing them!) It was early in our run so I could say it was because we hadn't warmed up yet. But, even after we were 'warm', she stayed ahead - even gained distance. Sad.

Now, since the Bikefest a couple of months ago, in which I passed a LOT of people (some of which were men and I learned later that that was called 'getting chic-ed'), and I didn't scream at them, I have a little bit more room in my head for being passed. (It's a little bit different because it was biking - but it pushes the same buttons for me.)

Anyway, we got 'strollered'. GDMFS *(do not look below if you do NOT like cursing). Remember, the good news is that I was able to run 6 miles and had less pain after running than I had for several weeks before or even during that run.

Here's to getting faster. Sigh.

And, dude, 37 days. I'm just saying - that's not a lot of time. Eek.

Oh yeah, I ran again today (hoo-fucking-rah) with minimal pain. And, I got passed. But, it was by a guy running the other direction. So, in my the-voices-are-too-fucking-loud-in-my-head world, that was okay.

Now, I'm done.
*GDMFS --> god-damn-mother-fucking-shit --my favorite curse phrase

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  1. yea i'm feeling the pinch of 36 days to b2b too. it's coming up fast!