Friday, November 6, 2009

0 days (the night before)

The countdown clock on my blog says 0 days! Dude. Wow. It's here. Tomorrow is race day.

Today, we picked up our packets; ate several times; dropped off our bikes and bags of gear per race instructions; and checked out all the transition areas. We did all of the stuff that we were supposed to do.

<--This is where our bikes are spending the night, without us, in the cold, waiting for us to emerge from the swim and take off.

This is where we had to drop our T2
(bike to run transition) gear.-->

Now, we just have to race.

I have this feeling that I might start freaking out in the morning right before we start the swim. I haven't freaked out yet, so it's gonna come right? We'll see.

I know there are people out there for which this is not a big deal. I hope someday (sooner rather than later) that this becomes familiar, festive and fun. There is a degree of fun in it for me now but it's a bit more distant or maybe removed. The fun factor is more like the light at the end of a very dark hall - it's there and I know it but it's there - not right here. Someday.

Tomorrow, I will attempt to do the biggest physical thing I've ever done (at least that I can remember). I plan to start and I hope to finish. See you on the other side of 70.3.


  1. You're gonna do awesome, good luck!

  2. Wahoo!!!


    You rocked it out there. Pushed through the darkness and overcame.