Sunday, February 1, 2009

totals for January (thanks RBR)

Run - 5.2 mi - 1:04
Strength - 1:58
Total Duration: 7:52
Okay. So, I put these out there more as a kick in the arse. They are pretty lame. If I compare them to everybody else, I might as well quit now, right? Cause there is no way I can do a half-ironman next November. Not quite 8 hours? I mean c'mon. I can do better than that. I know it's cold. And, I hate the cold so I don't think there's anyway I can bike in the cold. I know I've been tired and overwhelmed with work. But, who isn't?

Sad. But, there's nowhere to go but up, right?


  1. So there are some more training hours in your future Donna. Quite a few more. ;-)

    Everyone has obstacles to overcome and more work to do on themselves somewhere. Noone is immune from that.

    I don't like riding in the cold either -- that's what trainers are for. Oh yeah.

    You will totally notice a difference when you and Mer start your 1/2 iron plan. You will totally come through for yourself.

  2. Hey! Be nice to my friend! She is pretty awesome and has some screaming dancin' shoes! ;o)

    And I am no mathematician, but 8 hours of training is better than 0 hours of training, correct?

    Give yourself a plan (a realistic plan Ms. perfectionist. I know you. Hell, I AM you. :o)) and get it done this week. It is a hell of a confidence boost.