Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Month Totals

Bike 7:00
Run 17.8 mi --> 4:03
Strength 1:44
Swim 640.1 m --> 00:14

Total Duration: 13:01


  1. Cool! coming off of an illness, those numbers came out pretty good. glad you're feeling better?

  2. Pfffttt! @ CJ. He asks if you're glad you're feeling better? Like, what? There's a possibility you'd respond, "No WAY, man! I liked it WAYYYYY better when I DIDN'T feel better. Plus, I regret my last eight orgasms because I could have spent THAT time feeling nothing ... instead of that annoying intense pleasure."

    Thet boy jes' ain't quite right in the haid. I suspect thalidomide is involved in some way.

  3. Um ... and ... uh, O yeah. Good job on that other stuff you did.

    Freakin' Carolina John's STOOOPID comment made me forget to say that!