Wednesday, March 25, 2009

week of march 16 (a little late)

This was the last week of the adaptation phase of our training plan. I am adapting my body to working out daily (or mostly daily) and (I suppose) adapting my mind to working out daily.

My totals:

bike (all on the trainer) --> 50 minutes
run --> 8.5 miles for 1:54 (slow but still 8.5 miles is 8.5 miles)

strength --> 42 minutes (I missed a strength workout)

swim --> 1800 yards for 54 minutes

Thoughts about last week

1. I drank (alkyhol) more than I have been. I had wine 2 or 3 days last week. Damn lush I am. Just kidding. I do consider it noteworthy because I have been trying to pay attention to how much I drink partly because I'm trying to lose weight and partly because I'm working on healthy habits (that's code for I-felt-like-I-was-drinking-too-much-so-now-I'm-drinking-less).

2. I missed a core strength workout and an upper body workout. I think it was supposed to be on Friday but I worked until 7 pm then went to a concert with a friend (her kid - also a friend - was singing so I went to support both kid and adult friend as well as to enjoy the beautiful music of these amazing kids). By the time I got home around 9 pm I was tuckered (that's code for I-was-so-damned-tired-I-couldn't-see-straight) so I didn't work out. It didn't bother me then because I thought I would make up for it on Saturday but then didn't - because I was so tired I wasn't motivated to do anything. I barely got in my run. But, I didn't worry too much about it then because I could do it on Sunday. And, Sunday rolled around and I could barely get in my swim workout. I finally wasn't exhausted anymore but I only had enought mental energy to play this fun game called Carcassone and drink wine.

3. I'm posting today when it should have been done Sunday.

4. For loving being on the bike as much as I do, you wouldn't know it from my training logs and I haven't actually had a training ride on my bike outside yet. Hmm. Weird.

Thoughts about this week:

A. I have already missed a core and upper body workout. I had good reason - our family celebrated last night. What did we celebrate you might ask? Some of you already know. My other partner got an offer and accepted the offer for a job. This is FABULOUS! It has been a bit stressful without his income so this is very exciting. It's even more exciting because the company sounds like a solid company working on cool technology stuff with lots of room for him to put all of his many talents to use. So, we celebrated. When we got back, I was too tuckered to do any strength training.

B. I don't want to start a habit of skipping strength training. I actually like strength training. I can feel the positive results of it already. And, I have done a good job with it so far. But, I don't like missing 2 workouts in a row. Does this ever happen to anyone else?

C. This next part of training is an aerobic phase.

D. I can't figure out the difference between zone 1, zone 2 and zone 3 in swimming. I know it has to do with heart rate and all that but I don't have baselines in any of them. So, I interpret it as zone 1 -->I swim normal (this is when I get my fastest time) zone 2 --> I swim faster (this is when I get my next fastest time), zone 3 --> I swim the fastest I can (this is when I get my slowest time). Okay, so I know part of it is that I'm a bit more tired at the end of my workout when it's telling me to swim faster but isn't this...a bit...ummm....f*cked up? I try to swim faster and it takes me more time? Dude. That doesn't do a lot for my self-confidence. Whatev. What I do know is that at that 'slower' pace - that zone 1 pace - I could probably swim all day (well - maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration - maybe not all day - but heck, I could swim longer than just a few minutes).


I had more kale on Sunday. It was fabulous. It was crispy and delightful. And, it was healthy. I gotta get more healthy stuff in my diet.

Tonight - I want chocolate icing. Sigh.

Tomorrow is a run day. And, it's supposed to rain. Sigh. I sure am getting a lot of practice running in the rain this year.

This is what I feel like at work this week.

Later dudes. Have a good week.


  1. Thanks again for coming to the concert! ~ Bea

  2. The evil seal picture cracks me up! I hope someone chimes in on why swimming "faster" makes for slower times on the stopwatch because I am perplexed by that too. Great week luv!

  3. congrats to john on the great job! i'm contacting his recruiter again today. stick with the strength stuff, it will pay off most in the long run. balance is the key.

  4. :-) I can't figure out anything with swimming. I have "leisure pace" and "this is uncomfortable" ... absolutely nothing in between. And quite often I go slower the harder I try. WTF!? You are doing great on your training. Keep it up!!