Sunday, March 15, 2009

week of march 9

Week totals

Swim --> 1450 yards for 29 minutes (2:03 per 100)

Bike --> 1:36
Run --> 1:23 for 6.6 miles
Strength --> 40 minutes
Total time working out - 4:08

I got all my workouts in just not necessarily on the days they were scheduled. Oh well.

We ran in the rain today. Me again. MTP first time this season. It was in the 40's (temp wise) so it wasn't as big a deal for me today as it was 2 weeks ago. It was still a bit of a challenge. We started with 10x100 drills (2 skips, 2 karaoke, 2 walk on toes, 2 walk on heels, 2 butt kicks). Then, we ran for 3 miles. It was hard - the run in the rain. I was sucking wind the whole run and there were no hills. I'm not complaining mind you. It was a 3 mile run and at no point did I think I couldn't do it. It was just harder than I expected it to be.

Now on to other equally exciting news...

MTP (my training partner) and I decided to experiment with some food this weekend. We tried bee pollen, flax seed, wheat germ and I tried oatmeal. All in the same bowl. ICKY POO POO. First of all, I'm not a big oatmeal fan but I'm trying to eat better so I can train more. I can handle oatmeal and most of you serious endurance folks out there eat it so I tried it. I think the oatmeal would have been okay if I hadn't put bee pollen in it. Who knew that bee pollen would be so ... um... weird. It tasted kind of like a vitamin C tablet that you chew. I'm sure it works for some of you crunchy, endurance folks out there but it didn't work in my oatmeal. So, I simply ate a tablespoon of it. That was much better.

<--We also put wheat germ in the oatmeal. I didn't taste it.

And, we put flax seed in the oatmeal. Again, I didn't taste it. It does kind of look like fleas to me - only not black - um golden fleas (which is different than the golden fleece - just fyi). I know - weird that I would think of fleas. Why would I think of bugs first? Things that make you go hmmmm.

MTP knows the point of all those extras - me, not so much. She says she's going to try it. I say well, if she can do it, so can I. If she can be healthy, by god, so can I. Of course, I did have potato chips with my unwich (see footnote #1 below) today. She didn't. So maybe I can't be as healthy as she is.

We also had kale this weekend. Now, I like kale. My first official job was at Wendy's tending the salad bar back in like 1984 or something. I had to put kale around the salad bar to make it look pretty. I didn't know then it was edible. At some point later, I learned that kale was edible and, in fact, is pretty gosh darn good. Even later, I learned that it's packed full of nutrients.

On another completely unrelated note...

The Shuttle Discovery launched tonight. I watched it online. Wicked cool. Like OMG. We can do stuff like that. Wicked cool. They were announcing how fast it was traveling - the first one I remember was like 356 mph, then it was almost 1400 mph, then it was like 3300 mph, then like 7000 mph and the last one they announced was 14000 mph. HOLY CRAP that's fast.

Have a good week folks.

I'm stealing the footnote thing from Glaven Q. Heisenberg but I don't know how to make it look like a footnote yet.

#1 Jimmy John's has a menu option called the Unwich. It's all the stuff of a sandwich without the bread which is fun because the bread is my least favorite part of the sandwich. The yummy meat and cheese is wrapped in lettuce. Mmmmm.


  1. Sounds like a good workout!! The workouts that sucked the most (a really bad, windy hot ride that never seemed to end comes to mind for me) ended up being what I drew from during Silverman.

    My bunnies eat kale. I do not. Kale scares me even though I know it is very healthy. I'm afraid it will taste weird. The bunnies like it more than any other dark leafy green in their salads.

    Hope you havea great week!

  2. cool! sounds like the training is getting up into some committed times. good job!

  3. OK, you are getting a bulleted comment

    1. AWESOME JOB ON THE WORKOUTS! It does not matter what day it gets dome just that it does. We teacher-types have to be flexible! You should give yourself MAD PROPS because I sure do!

    2. The flax seed looks like another type of organism to me, but in the interest of you keeping to your new healthy diet I will keep it to myself. Remember I come from a veterinary background.

    3. What kind of freak doesn't like bread? I'm just sayin'...

  4. Way to rock the workout, sister!

    [tauntingly]I know who your training partner izzzzzzz!!1![/tauntingly]

    You ask me, kale isn't edible! Still! We get it as part of our farm coop and Teh 'Bride and I have tried it but --- yeecch!!1! We get some other weird stuff through the coop too, some of which we eat ourselves. We give the rest away. We know some people who will eat anything.

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    If all of that means nothing to you, just go to my site, copy and paste a superscript number, and use that. It'll work too. Or just use asterisks!