Thursday, March 12, 2009

I ran 3 miles AND I average a 10:35 pace which for me is tres awesome. I was concerned about my breathing during the run - like dude my legs are working just fine but I'm having a hard time breathing. Well, there's a good reason why I was having a hard time breathing - I was running faster. Yay.

For all of you fastees out there, I know it's slow. But, it's okay. I'm working on it. I want to be faster and I'm getting there.


  1. Ha ha ha! Chicken butt!! Totally cracks me up. Yay you for becoming a Speedy McFastypants! (I guess this means we're doing that track workout in the cold and sleet on Sunday since that's working for you, eh?)

  2. 10:35 is a very respectable pace, if you ask me. (And I'm glad you asked!)

    Because the point is to get it - the run - done. Time is secondary.

    I tend to be critical of my own pace whenever I post it, but that's mostly because I know there are plenty of peepz out there who are much faster than I am. They always will be, and I don't particularly care. But bully for them, too.

    I just like to do as well as I think I can.

    That's all that pace really means to me.

    And you should be proud of yours!

    Thank you for letting me use your blog to hone my Essay on What Pace Means To Me. I'm hoping to be named class validictorian and if I am, this will be my speech.

    I think I got the "dic" part of "Valedictorian" down pat.

  3. Great job Donna! that's a good pace. speed comes after endurance, which comes easier with slow, controlled breathing. So keep pushing yourself like that and you will love the rewards!