Monday, April 13, 2009

how the ...

... H. E. double hockey sticks do you all do it?

Not that - you dirty minded folks. I know how to do that. Jeez.

I mean keep up with all of this stuff - eating, sleeping, working, training AND blogging.

last week - spring break for me - my totals...

biked - 2:02 which included my first actually-for-real-out-on-the-road bike with humiliating wind
run - 9.7 miles in 1:54 (which included a half-mile done at a sub-10 minute pace - it's the little things)

swim - 2900 yards in 1:04 (holy sheet - that was way more swimming than I've ever done in a week)

strength - only 48 minutes this week (but that doesn't include the 18,000 hours of work I did outside on my yard and helping my friend build a shed - okay okay maybe it wasn't 18,000 hours but it was A LOT)

Thoughts for the week:

My totals are more than what I've done before. Yay me!
I worked harder this week than I have before. Yay me!
I have a lot of work to do. There were times this week when I was absolutely exhausted starting a workout. That's tough on the ole' brain and real hard on the confidence. My confidence took some blows this week. Riding in the wind on the bike was tough. Then, swimming after that with very little energy was really tough. I kept getting slower and slower. But, I finished it all (pat, pat, pat - on the back). I thought about all of you blogger buddies out there working hard and training. It helped to know that you were out there.


  1. How the hell do you swim 2900 in 1:04?? You are my hero!

    Awesome work Donna!!

  2. Ummm. I don't. I watch you do it all, because you rock! Keep it up, beautiful!

  3. Personally, I blog - and work out! - while I'm doing that other thing that you claimed you weren't referring to.

    So if you ask me "how do you do it?" about my blogging, I have to tell you about my amazing sex life ...

    And if you ask me "how do you do it?" about my work outs, I have to tell you about my amazing sex life ...

    It's called multi-tasking, sister.

    I'm having sex right now, in fact - and riding my bike.

    It CAN be done!

    Does that help?

  4. hey, that's nothing compared to what's coming up. onward and upward baby!

    i'm coming to raleigh this weekend for a triathlon sunday in, can't wait! my kids are dying to get up there.

  5. How do I do it?

    'Sneak' the workout in. Get up early and do them before people get up. Be home by the time they wake up.

    Of course that means you have to go to bed early.

    Or if your partner(s) go the other direction and are night owls then go for working out after work and stay up late so that you hand out with them.

    'Sneak' in the a workout at lunch if you can too.

    It's a lot of work but it does work.

  6. I can't speak for working out, 'cause I only do it maybe once a week. (Yes, I'm bad, I'm going to get fat). I do blog religiously though. The hardest part is getting it to be a pattern ... and even harder is trying to think of things to write about. Setting the pattern is something that took me weeks - and lots of stickynotes everywhere reminding me! Thinking of things to write about just comes when you think about your day. (: You can do it!

  7. I like sticky notes - or at least I used to like them - I use note cards now.

    I can't possibly get up any earlier so I think I'll have to stay up later. I do okay getting up with the sun but much before that and I'm a cranky bee-otch. Well, maybe I'm just a bee-otch anyway and I blame it on the morning. Whatev.

    I have a hard time when work gets so revved up at this time of year but I'm working on it. It'll get there. So will the blogging.


    Thanks blog-o-peeps.