Sunday, July 19, 2009

here we go...

We are on the second half - and absolutely official - training plan to lead us up to the half-ironman in November. And, I need to keep tabs on my training - 'cause this is the real deal. So, I am going to blog every day for the next 4 days to try to make it a habit and then blog regularly. Feel free not to read - this is just an exercise in creating a good habit.

This past week - not so bad. My swim didn't make me feel like a loser afterward - so that's progress, eh?

Remember these wind up swimmers? Their feet and arms move when the little dude is swimming. Me - I'm not like these wind up swimmers - I only use my arms, that is, until recently. Many years ago, I developed the habit of NOT using my legs, like at all, when I first started training for triathlon. During past swim workouts, I tried to change that and attempt to use my legs. But, alas, the workout was much 'easier' and (believe it or not) I was faster when I didn't use my legs. Later when the workouts got pretty intense, I got cramps in my calfs even when I wasn't using my legs during the swim!!!! Dude, that's totally not fair and way NO fun. Why am I going on about this? Something strange happened this week - I have been using my legs. They just move in the water when I move my arms - like the wind up swimmer. It's weird - like somehow they're connected. And, I'm not consciously saying 'move' - they are just moving. Of course, I am still slower when I use my legs (gotta figure that one out - I mean they are the strongest part of my body - gotta harness that power somehow). Oh well. Maybe someday I'll learn how to harness the power in my legs.
The run SUCKED _SS in the second half - still trying to figure that one out.
And, for the week I pretty much sucked on the strength training.
I LOVED being on the bike. I want more BIKE!
Since today is Sunday, here are my totals:
4hrs 25minutes
Ran 4 miles (MUST. RUN. MORE.)
Biked 36.5 miles
Swam 1550 yards
Strength training - ZERO.NADA.ZILCH. (I did do a LOT of yard work though.)
Til tomorrow...


  1. got out there! More than I did!! I need to get out on my bike if I'm going to attempt Barb;s race in 2010-yes a half ironwoman! What am i thinking on my work schedule!

    Way to get it done-and you'll be pleasantly surprised how motivated you get when you blog about your workouts...or when you don't blog about your non-workouts!!

  2. Hey donna! glad to see you back online. i use a spreadsheet to track my training plan for the b2b and log my actual milage. i'd be happy to send you a copy if you want.

    good job getting your workouts in last week! I had to make a trip to raleigh so i lost a few days in there. might be going back this weekend too.

  3. Hi Donna,

    I am glad to hear that I am not the only person who swims without using their legs. Actually I have mostly gotten over that with a little help from some kick butt, floating fins. As for going slower when you swim with your legs, the term one of swim coaches used was "negative kick" which is apparently common when you are a better runner/biker. I never looked it up to see what exactly it means but it might give you a starting point. Keep kicking butt!

  4. thanks for the comments - i'm going to check out the negative kick info