Sunday, July 26, 2009

why the hell do I feel like this...

MFTLP and I did our run this morning. It consisted of 10x100m warm-up stuff (high knees, butt kicks, walking on toes, walking on heels and karaoke) followed by a 4 mile run. We started around 9:45 (I think) and it was already heating up but not miserable yet. The run is a loop and we had one very LONG hill and another hill that was not nearly as long at the end. We got to the top of the first hill (which was probably half-way through the run) and I felt tired but not terrible. Then we got through the next bit which was rolling hilly followed by the long downhill. By the time I got to the end of the long downhill, I felt worse than I felt at the top of the big hill. We had to wait for a light so that we could cross the road and I had to kept turning so that a different part of my body was facing the sun. I was miserable. It sucked. We finally got done and I downed a glass of water, I think had another one with ice and had some gatorade and weighed 0.8 lb less than I did when I woke up. So it seems, I lost a LOT of fluid during that run and I have felt terrible ever since. We went to run some errands and had some lunch (salad mostly, some chips with a little chili-cheese dip) and by the time I got home, I felt mo' terrible. And, all afternoon, I have felt like throwing up. And, even better - because I feel so yucky, I feel like crying. YUCK. Is this dehydration? Any ideas out there?

I got the book TriPower today (thanks Carolina John). Strength training has had a big impact on my tri-training and I want to take it to another level.
This week -
Swim - NONE (my intentions were good but I got busy and then showed up at the pool at the wrong time)
Run - 8.1 miles
Bike - 39.3 miles
Strength - I have only thought about my strength training plan this week so I have 0 official hours of strength. I did do a lot of yard work though.
Next week - I'm going to the beach with my mom for a couple of days. I will get some biking and running in - swimming will be mostly informal and fun and as far as strength goes - I'm going to read my book and implement my plan next week.
Thanks for reading.


  1. In the heat I always a) take more water than I think I will need and b) take 3 thermolytes per hour.

    Depending on how long the run is gels and gatorade endurance enter the mix. Sounds like you either didn't drink enough or didn't get enough salt or both. :-)

    Training in the heat is a bitch. Definitely not one of my favorite things to do.

    Here's to a better workout next time.

  2. thanks stef - i think nutrition and hydration are my weakest areas - i gotta learn better stuff - and soon!

  3. yea the heat has been killing me too. it sucked yesterday when i ended up doing 20 miles on a stationary bike and 8 miles on a treadmill. would have been so much better outside.