Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ran today. Yay.

It wasn't easy. Sad. (Will I ever get to say that my run is easy?)

So far, here's what I have in my "each day has a different focus" plan...

Monday is plank day. (Core work is always good.)

Tuesday is thigh day. (My thighs are strong but, well, there's too much of them.)

Wednesday is butt day. (My butt is too big and needs to be a bit more - um - strong.)

Thursday is hamstring day (or the 'day after butt day' - thanks glaven). (I have learned that it's likely that my hamstrings and my lower back probably need to be strengthened.)

Friday is foot/ankle stretch day. (So I can maybe start swimming faster when I use my legs rather than slower.)

Saturday is lunge day. ('Cause I needed something for Saturday and I kind of like lunges.)

Sunday is chin-up bar day.

I may change the order or the focus. I'm not sure if these make sense for me. I have to live into my schedule once school starts.

And, this does NOT change the fact that I have strength training programmed into my training schedule. It just adds a little extra.
Til the next exciting installment of the habit forming activity....

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