Saturday, January 9, 2010

spin class

What do you think about spin classes for off-season training?

Some of my thoughts about it so far...
It's too cold for me to ride outside - I know I'm not going to do it so I have to find another alternative.
I've thought about just doing trainer rides. I need to work on my pace and I don't mind getting a book to read while my legs are doing the work.
Today, I attended a spin class at a gym and I had a lot of fun.
The bike was a bit uncomfortable (but it's only an hour class and who hasn't been uncomfortable on their bike for at least an hour?).
The music was fun.
The encouragement was helpful.
There were a lot of sprints. I like sprints but for some as yet undiscovered reason they were more fun than helpful.
I did sweat a lot which was good. And, I need to lose more weight which seems like it might be a by-product of the spin class.

Thoughts, oh peeps in the blogosphere?


  1. i like the spin classes, but i don't do them as often as i should. i'm a sucker for the stationary this time of year with a book. but the spin classes do give you lots of time out of the saddle, which helps with overall speed and power. bring it on.

  2. I really like spin class. I have at least one a week on my schedule between now and my half iron. My friend who did an IM last year said they really helped her. It's way too rainy and cold here to ride outside so I'll be spinning away for the next few months.

  3. Spin can be awesome. I have known a few people who do nothing but spin and then go and rock a sprint/oly. For a half or more I think you need more time on the bike then the spin will gove you but it is a great way to build up speed!