Tuesday, July 21, 2009

next day of habit forming behavior

We biked today. It was a good ride - short (14.5 miles in about 59 minutes) but good. MFLTP* kicked arse today - she took the lead on the later half and increased our pace by over 1 mph (in just half an hour). She pumped the whole way (no relaxing for her). It was awesome!

So, I have a training plan (which is what we're following to get ready for the Beach2Battleship half-Ironman in November) It's a good training plan - not a thing to complain about, but I want to add some degree of strength training each day. Nothing over the top - just a wee bit extra (mainly because my arms are just a wee bit too flabby and my butt is just a wee bit too big).

I think I'm going to designate each day a different strength day - like Mondays, I'll just work on planks. Tuesdays, I'll work on hamstrings. Wednesdays, I'll work on my butt. Thursdays, I'll work on _____________. I don't have it all figured out yet but I'm kind of excited about having a routine for this.

I did NOT put up the chin-up bar by GoFit.net today. I got too busy. I did spread a LOT of mulch.

Tomorrow - we run. Hip hip hooray!

Til tomorrow....

*MFTLP, sometimes MFLTP, sometimes MFTP, sometimes MFLP - sort of depends on which letters I remember - My Fabulous Training/Life Partner.


  1. Go to amazon and look up a book called Tri Power. it's an awesome strength training program specifically for triathletes that will work up exactly what you want. and it's all short workouts (15 min a day m/w/f and 35 min t/th) that you can do at home while watching TV. at least that's what i do.

  2. Wednesdays for you will be "Butt Day"?

    Man ... you don't even wanna know what Diana calls Wednesday!

    Suffice to say it makes "Butt Day" sound like an episode of Barney The Dinosaur.

    Happy Day After Butt Day to you, sister!